Tip #1: 2 Changing Stations

You might have dreamed of a two-story home with a long gorgeous staircase with a long wood banister and white wooden posts.  For the interior designer in you, there are endless possibilities with this staircase.  You can imagine fresh green garland wrapped evenly around the staircase with white lights and poinsettias blooms decorated elegantly for Christmas time.  Maybe you foresee your little girls cascading down the staircase in their formal prom gowns to meet their date, or a montage of photos in coordinating picture frames displaying a life of memories for your grandchildren.  While those dreams can offer a sigh of future bliss, they are stairs can be a kill-joy for any new mother. 

Most new mamas will not complain about changing the first few diapers.  It’s just so great to have your baby snuggling and swaddling, bathing and posing for pictures. But quickly the Hallmark moment becomes another Huggies diaper commercial and it’s suddenly survival for the fittest.  Up the steps to the diaper station, down the steps with a  diaper to the baby, up the steps for a baby wipe, down the steps to the baby, up the steps with the baby for more wipes (who knew you’d need more than one), down the steps to the onesie in the living room floor (yuck!), round the corner to the washing machine, up the steps for a new onesie… this could just go on and on.  Fortunately I do not have a long stair case in our home, but my mom does.  I was not prepared for the long visit with a new born a few years ago.  But after a few days I discovered that having 2 changing stations is not a bad idea!!! So, that’s what we do when we visit.  I set up a diaper station upstairs for morning pj changes, nap prep and night time diaper changes while I keep a baby bag stocked down stairs for fast access. 

So to those of you who hadn’t thought about it yet, here’s the tip: Create a permanent changing station in the baby room, but also make a second changing station down stairs. Clean out a downstairs closet, put a changing pad on the dryer, keep a handy tote stocked near the couch or clean out a drawer in the kitchen for your baby changing needs.  Don’t forget to keep a few onesies or T-shirts near for the newborns. Save your running up and down the steps for playtime, not panic time!


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