Tip #2: The buggy return is your ally

When you become a mama, your relaxing  shopping days are on hold, unless you are able to leave them at home.  Every new mama must find her own system for shopping with babies.  This is one suggestion my friend Bethany gave me. Park right beside the buggy return in the parking lot.  Parking beside the buggy return gives you quick access to a buggy. You are able to roll everyone in without having to corral them in the parking lot. Also, when you return the buggy, you do not have to worry about leaving your kids in the car while you walk away to return the buggy. 

As tempting as it may be to park in the parking spot for ‘expecting mothers or mothers with small children’, having direct access to a buggy can be more convient.


2 thoughts on “Tip #2: The buggy return is your ally

  1. Many people don’t like to park by the cart corral, afraid that someone might hit their car with a cart. That can be a blessing because those folks will drive right by the empty spot that you are hoping for. That’s just one more reason to, while your kids are small, drive a used vehicle. Aside from not worrying about your car getting banged by a cart (don’t you have enough concerns when you have small children?), you also won’t need to worry about it getting trashed by Cheerios and Goldfish or getting stained by fries or juice. Just like you want to wait until the kids are older to have nice furniture, you can also wait and reward yourself with a nicer car.

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