The Prudent Wife: Part 1

Recently, I have been praying through Proverbs 19:13b-14. It says, “…a wife’s quarreling is a continual dripping of rain. House and wealth are inherited from fathers, but a prudent wife is from the Lord.”
When I first read this, I thought of how annoying it is to hear the drip, drip, drip when I am trying to go to sleep at my parents house after a rain.  The drip sounds like a siren in the darkness! I have to sleep with the fan on to drown out the annoyance.  But this proverb is shining light on more than just an annoyance.  If a drip inside your home is not fixed, it will begin to rot everything around it.  The ceiling, the floor, the roof, wherever the drip is left unattended the area will stay wet and it will cause decay and damage over time.

A woman who is prone to quarreling is more than just a wet blanket! This wife becomes more than an annoyance. Her character will begin to rot the marriage.  Over time, her husband will pull away, lose his patience with her and/or lose his desire to please her, or he might cower down and turn over his leadership in the home to her.  Who knows, he may even throw in the towel and leave.  This critical spirit will ruin a marriage. It will alter the role she is ordained to have in the home and it will rot! Sin will rot our marriages. Our whole lives will be ruin if we do not seek to honor God and turn from sin.

Compare yourself to this scripture.  Is it easy for you to criticize and nit-pick your husband?  Do you make excuses for this behavior by telling yourself it’s ‘just how I am’? Do you notice yourself easily annoyed by your husband’s actions daily?  A critical and quarrelsome spirit is not encouraging and delightful to be around.  It’s an annoyance and over time it will rot your relationships.   Pray God reveals to you areas where you are critical and prone to quarrel.   And make sure to read the rest of the blogs in this series!


4 thoughts on “The Prudent Wife: Part 1

  1. I love your blog. I made it a bookmark last week and I think this post is super great. I need to focus on this more for sure!

  2. Sure Michelle. I started reading through some proverbs about wives and began praying that God would reveal to me areas in my marriage where I would be a ‘quarreling’ wife. I was thinking about this verse over and over for a few days. I would ask God to convict me when I had tendencies to quarrel. I asked him to show me areas that were ‘dripping’ so he could clean it up before it began to rot. Keeping it in my mind and drawing my attention to it constantly is a way for me to pray through it. When I am thinking about a specific verse over and over, my thoughts turn to prayers asking God to work this verse in me or rid me of whatever sin I am holding on to. That’s kinda how I pray through verses. Hope that helps!

  3. Ladies, have you studied Proverbs 31, beginning at verse 10, and really dug out all of the things the “proverbial woman” does to provide for her household. If you do, and then update it in your mind to be relevant for the 21st century woman, you will be blown away!

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