Tip #5: Correspondance


The "frige" door where we keep our missionary photos and letters. These are the ones I am working on now.


Every toddler likes to scribble, draw and play with stickers. Why not use this time to teach them about encouraging others? I try to use Alani’s artwork to construct cards and thoughtful notes to our friends and family around the world.  Sometimes we have a goal of sitting down to write a letter to our missionaries. Other times a drawing session turns into drawing a picture for Gran and Pops or one of the missionaries our church supports.  While we are drawing and playing with stickers I try to talk to her about sending someone something special. I say, “Who would you like to draw a picture for? What do you think they would like a picture of? Do you think this picture would make Mandi feel special?  We should send it to them and let them know we are thinking about them.”

Right now it is important to train our girls to think of others.  Sure, working in lessons on sharing during a play session is great, but we want our girls to be concerned with the needs of others.  I know it’s a pretty tall order for a 1 and 2 year old! However, every week we try to write letters to people we want to encourage. 

About every time I see my nieces (4yr. & 5yr.) they have drawn, colored or written me a letter.  Even the other day when we met their mom for supper and the girls couldn’t come, she handed me a packet of coloring book pages and notes they had written to our family.  They are thinking about us even though we are unable to visit regularly. It makes me feel special.   

Sending letters to friends and family is a great way to stay connected.  It does not have to be a 3 page single space typed essay. It can be a bit of ‘Alani scribble’ with her translation of the photo written on the side with a note from you, too!  It’s only like 45 cents to mail a letter these days.  So, use the scribble and encourage someone today!


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