The Prudent Wife: Part 3

PRUDENT is to be discreet or cautious in managing one’s activities; to be practical and careful in providing for the future, someone who exercises good judgment and common sense. Some synonyms are sensible, frugal and economical.  So, is God saying that a wife who keeps an organized calendar and always buys things on sale is from the Lord?  Well, kind of. I have seen God change me into a woman who keeps up with a calendar and organizes a weekly menu. But someone who does not fear God can be really good at these things too!  It is good for a woman to manage her home with wisdom.  And in other passages we are encourage to be the keepers of the home, overseeing the daily affairs of the home.  While I am not excluding this application by any means, I would like to offer a fresh perspective on this passage.
In the past, I read these verses and limited this word to simply mean completing tasks, keeping up with schedules and working hard.  But it is broader than that.  Prudence is an attitude that this wife carries with her.  She is careful to plan for the future, but she is also sensible with her words.  This wife is prudent in her mind and attitude as well as in her actions. She does not start conversations with her husband that will be negative, manipulative or picky. She chooses to find joy in having little as she manages a tight budget. Living with this woman is a gift from God.  She is enjoyable to be around. A husband craves her company and companionship. Having a wife like this makes home a joyful retreat.
For most of us, being prudent does not come naturally. We struggle just to ‘appear’ prudent. But I want to really BE prudent inside and out. I know this is only the work of the Lord in me through his Spirit, but what is my responsibility? How do I become a prudent wife?


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