The Prudent Wife: Part 4

In the context of these 2 verses, it would be easy to shrug our shoulders; thank God we are not a quarrelsome wife and vow to be better organized in the future.  However, there is more to this verse.  If a prudent wife is a gift to a husband, how does a woman become prudent?  I want to be a gift to my husband.
We must learn to obey the God’s word and allow God to change our hearts to be like his!  But, if we don’t know the scriptures, how will we know what needs to change in our lives?  Our minds, hearts, wills and actions must submit to the work of the Holy Spirit. God wants to present me as a continual gift to my husband. As he grows me to think, love, listen, give and serve the way HE does, I will become prudent; sensible, discreet and careful in how I think and act.  Prudence is a by product of knowing God.
So, dive into God’s word and let him wreck you!  Ask God to make you a woman who seeks him and plans to obey God before all others.


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