The Crown: Part 2

An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, but she whobrings shame is like rottenness in his bones. Proverbs 12: 4

I have been looking forward to writing about this part of verse 4.  An excellent wife is the crown of her husband. To begin, in our culture it is hard to imagine the value of a crown and kingship. We hold so few people of authority in high esteem.  But if we look at the concept, it is sure to hit home with you.

A crown is not intended to be the cherry on top! It is not an adorning charm that makes the husband feel good about his appearance.  A crown is not a fashionable accessory a King wears until it goes out of style.  It exists to represent authority. It is the symbol of power and leadership.  It is always and only for the King.  Without a King, the crown has no value.  A crown rests on the head of the King to remind the people who is in charge.  It proclaims to the nation that this man is their leader.

Wow! I hope you are as excited as I am to explore the application of this verse. An excellent wife is the crown of her husband.  Your husband is the head of your home. He is King. As the crown of your husband, you help establish his authority in your home. This is easier if your husband is establishing Christ’s authority in your home. You must teach your children how to love and obey their father. As his crown, you fully support the King.  My inward thoughts and outward actions should show honor to my husband.  The writer is saying that an excellent wife brings honor to her husband in and out of the home. Your pursuit of and daily submission to Christ, will serve to change your desires and submission to the King of your home.


2 thoughts on “The Crown: Part 2

  1. even though i’m a single gal, this is super encouraging and challenging, amy. thanks so much for sharing this post. i LOVE this blog idea!

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