Tip #9: A United Front (The Crown: Part 3)

In my pursuit to becoming an excellent wife, I am not only responsible to teach my children how to pursue Jesus and show honor to their father. I must also work hard to show our Kingdom as a united and peaceful Kingdom.  A patriot does not go to a different country and bad mouth his homeland.  In the same way, I do not need to badmouth my husband to my friends, family or co-workers. He is my King. I am to be loyal to him as God grows him in governing our home and marriage.

I did not intend to bring this tip out so soon, but in light of what I have been learning I wanted to go ahead and add it to the series on Proverbs 12:4.  When my husband and I counsel with soon to be married couples, he always talks about having a united front.

What does it mean to have a UNITED FRONT? It means that you protect one another and be for one another. The two “I’s” have become a “we”. Obviously, I am not talking about times when your marriage needs outside perspective and godly counsel.  I am talking about a wife who sells her husband out.  This woman has no discretion.  She shares how her husband never helps with the trash or leaves his dirty dishes all over the home.  She unknowingly degrades her husbands’ character while she is among her peers. I am not speaking about funny daily interactions you have in your family shared among your friends. I am talking about any comment or body language that would lead someone to draw negative conclusions about your mate (true or not).

An example might be responding to a dinner invitation with “Oh, John just isn’t up for being around people tonight”.  While that may be the truth, this response implies something to the host – ultimately this response means that you want to go, but he doesn’t. So, you will make the sacrifice and stay home.  You become the victim and he the beast. This is so silly. Why do we even desire to want pity or empathy from people in this way. You are his crown.  When your friends and peers see you, they should sense the honor you have for your husband!


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