Tip #10: Practice Building A Christ-Centered Environment In Your Home

Stoking the fire at my house!

In our new home we use a wood burning stove as our primary source of heat. During this cooler weather, I’ve been trying to learn how to keep a fire going! It has been a challenge. If I poke at the logs too much, I snuff out the fire. If the fire does not get enough oxygen, it goes out. If I ignore the fire… done-zo! Balancing all these elements makes the day longer, but it is something I must learn, to prepare for the cold season ahead.

Creating a Christ-centered environment is the same way. It is more than just praying over supper and going to church together on Sundays. It’s more than keeping a tidy home and tweaking the family’s weekly schedule. As believers, we must aim to see God’s glory swell in our homes! I struggle with this daily. I want my home to swell with the presence of Christ, but I know I snuff out the flames with my bad attitude and quick responses to my girls. With the morning sickness in full swing, I feel like I am living on survival mode these days! But I have to tell myself to stop making excuses. It is so important to daily press harder and harder toward the cross. We must always be learning how to do this! We must PRACTICE all day, every day!

What good is having scripture hanging in my home, if I don’t read it to my children and myself? What good is rolling my eyes at the laundry (the worst part about homemaking for me)? I must practice having a better attitude towards serving my family in daily tasks like these. So, what do we need to do? Whatever it takes. Turn up the music! Use a tack, a long string and paper to hang verses from the ceiling (make them low enough that you run into them as you clean and play). Pick a spot in your home in which every time you go there, you pray (mine is stoking the fire). There is a million ways to stay focused while you are in your home. The key is not just making a process or having a plan, but actually following through with what you set up! For your home to become a Christ-centered environment for your family, you have to become Christ-centered in the way you see your home and your family. It starts with you (and me)!


One thought on “Tip #10: Practice Building A Christ-Centered Environment In Your Home

  1. Amy, this is awesome, and what I strive for daily as well. You’re right, it’s tough when you have all the excuses in the world to be snappy with family but you must resist the flesh and press on. I love how you wrote this, thanks girl. Love you!


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