Tip #11: SKYPE!

Once a week we try to touch base with our cousins in GA. The girls take turns entertaining each other through reading books, dancing and show-and-tell. They love it! Every so often I will Skype my husband at work in the mornings so the girls can tell him good morning. It’s a fun way to stay connected when you just can not be together.

Plain and simple, we do not live near any of our family. So, we must rely on all types of technology to stay connected with our family. If you live far from your family, most likely you are already participating in Skype or some other video messaging program that allows you to see your family, and your family to see you. Skype is not ‘new’, but it might be new to you! All you need is a computer, a computer video camera and a few minutes to download the program and install it. It’s easy and really wonderful. Just google skype and download it now!


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