The Beauty Of The Lord

Beauty has the power to awaken me to the reality of Christ. Weather it is a flower on my kitchen table or the ‘kissy’ face my baby girl makes, I am forced to open my eyes to the great beauty of God and His desire to show Himself to me.

Psalm 50: 2 – Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth.
God’s beauty shines forth like warm light in the cold darkness. When we behold the beauty of the Lord, it differs from anything we can create or manipulate with our own hands. It is perfect.

Daily, God gathers thousands of beautiful wonders and expressions to parade in front of me so that I may behold Him. But, do I notice? Am I so self absorbed that I ignore all he wants to show me? Most times, I fear that I do. So, my challenge in this series is to awaken us to the beauty of the Lord.

Over the next few weeks, try to make notes of things you see or experience in your world that reflect the “perfection of beauty,” God, shining forth. Take photos, make a list or draw pictures, just do not let His beauty pass you by. Make an effort to record the beauty of our Father who lavishes his love upon us. I will be posting some of my findings throughout the month and weekly updates to encourage you. I hope you will join me!


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