Tip #13: Keep It Closed

Throughout the course of your day you will keep a mental log of things to do, things to keep going, things that you have done and things you wish you had time to do. Today, my mental log reads something like this:
Alani needs to poop, keep asking. Breakfast: waffles? Eggs? Would she eat yogurt again?
Knox needs a diaper change… change it after breakfast. Thought I cleaned the kitchen last night? Clean kitchen, again. Skype hubby to synch schedule for today, did I charge my phone? Charge phone…Get batteries for guitar. Unplug heaters before we leave tomorrow. Remember this sticky spot in Knox’s floor, clean it up when you change her. Ask Alani if she needs to poop…

In all the hustle and bustle of my morning routine, I rarely keep a note of what is left open. For instance, when Alani is finished using her potty seat and I do not close the lid, then the toilet is exposed to Knox’s’ mischief (photos below). Or when I forgot to shut the pantry where I keep the craft supplies and little hands go exploring. These are not big deals to clean up or fix, but it is not something I keep in my mental log. At this point in my pregnancy, it needs to be! So, here is a simple tip I keep learning the hard way. Make sure all doors, cabinets, toilets and drawers are closed. Add it to your mental check list.

Yes, this is a tip that should go without saying, but recent events have caused me to write it down so that I can remember to retell my girls one day. Enjoy these photos.


One thought on “Tip #13: Keep It Closed

  1. Haha… I love it….my mental note needs to be “keep it closed AND out of reach” after the recent salt shaker incident in our house….

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