Tip #14: Gratitude/Christmas Cards

By now, you have most likely started your Christmas Card process.

This year, I am definitely on the ball! In Photoshop I have created a photo that I can upload to Wal-mart.com and save a bundle on printing! My cards come out as photos, but they only cost about 9 cents each. If you do not have access to photo editing programs, you still have options. First, you could hire me to design your family a Christmas card (I love it and I’m not expensive. Contact me for more details!) Or you can find great templates and fun holiday styles at various online invitations sites like shutterfly.com or snapfish.com.

Examples of cards

During this the fall we are privileged to stay with generous and hospitable families as we travel promoting OLD School and SWO. We try to leave a note of gratitude or send a letter when we get home. Thank you notes are great! But, we also wanted to send a photo. People love photos. So, I came up with making a gratitude card, which we can leave, or mail to the families we visit.

This year, I have combined our Christmas card and gratitude card. I have made a gratitude card with Photoshop, uploaded and printed them at Walmart.com then purchased envelopes to stuff them in. Next I purchased scrapbook ‘tags’ and decorations for my girls to create Christmas ornaments. In each envelope I place a gratitude card and a hand made ornament to send in the mail. The idea is that our friends and family will have a handmade Christmas ornament from my girls for their tree, and a photo of us for their fridge. We plan to use these cards all year, not just at Christmas time. Well, until our new baby arrives in May…


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