Tip #16: Tower Of Power

Packing for overnight trips for small children is no easy chore. Medicines, vitamins, monitors, bottles and sippy cups, pj’s, play clothes, and the list goes on. How do we tackle this beast? Let me introduce you to the Davis TOWER OF POWER!

Not to be confused with the Chuck-E-Cheese Tower of Power, this stack of plastic bins is perfect for car travel. Each bin is it’s own category and you can customize it for your family. For the Davis crew, the top drawer is full of meds, vitamins, toothbrushes, sippy cups, etc. The middle drawer is more entertainment and electrical items. Electronics (monitors or DVD’s), markers, play dough and anything else you might think they would like to play with when you arrive. (These items are not available to us while in the car.) Finally the bottom drawer is clothing. Don’t get too freaked out about not having ‘enough’ clothes. Take advantage of doing laundry wherever you stay! You pack less and have more room. I was amazed when I realized how much space this plastic stacker saved us in the car. I was really excited when I experienced how much it kept us organized during our stay.

These bins are really inexpensive and you can find them at your Target or Walmart stores. My only other word of advice for packing the Tower of Power is that you pick it up around the middle. We tore the top off of one by caring it around the top.

*Oh, and for sure if you fly, the Tower of Power is not ideal. That would require another strategy for packing!


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