Tip #17: Happy New Year Cards

This time last year I has all the best intentions of sending out Christmas cards. But, when it came right down to it, I got overwhelmed with all the other holiday items on my list. I really wanted to send family and friends a reminder that we were thinking about them, but I just did not have the time to put into it. So, I decided to send Happy New Year cards! It was nice to have a bit more time to work on them without the craziness of our Christmas season. So, if you are finding yourself still trying to get a photo shoot scheduled, don’t stress out! After the rush of holiday cards, Happy New Year cards are refreshing come mid January. Mark that stressful, ever hovering chore off your list to be done before Dec 15th. Enjoy the season!


One thought on “Tip #17: Happy New Year Cards

  1. Love this idea! Just thinking this morning I wish I would’ve found time to do Christmas Cards, but i knew even if i ordered them at this point I’d never get them addressed, mailed out, and there by Christmas.

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