Prep Week Focus Speech

In the weeks leading up to the end of the year, we have spent so much time focusing on the coming of Christ. In fact, the past few nights there has been a lot of confusion as to why we are not having ‘Christmast’ at night. There are no candles or soft glow of Christmas lights in the house. There is no Advent card to pull from the wall. No family gathering around the little table to hear about the baby Jesus. He has come! Christmas is now, past. And for my little ones, it’s strange. Normal is strange. On our way to church last night, Alani sang Jingle Bells for our whole 7 min drive. She has finally learned all the words, and now she’s the only one enthusiastic about singing it.

Today, it’s just regular, normal life. (If you can call working at SWO, normal). I am overwhelmed at all the stuff I need to get planned to start the New Year off right!

But, as I pause, I notice. Normal is weird.

Dear Amy,
Be careful not to forget Jesus in your unpacking, reorganizing, cleaning, planning, etc. Tonight, light a candle and sing songs with the girls. Don’t settle for being ‘normal’… make each day special! Teach them about Jesus. He is what makes each day special, not your plans and/or traditions. Only Jesus!


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