Tip #18: Getting Organized

At the beginning of the each year I promise myself I am going to stay organized all year.
If you are in need of some planning ideas, Inspire to Action is a great resource. Kat focuses on the importance of getting up early in the mornings. If you subscribe to her blog you will have access to her ebook called ‘Maximize Your Mornings’. It is a must read if you are ready to get organized. It is definitely worth the 20 minutes!
Inspired To Action Button

This is a screenshot of my plan of attack for the week.

I am adding this weekly schedule as a kind of checklist for me. I keep it on a clipboard in the kitchen. When I complete a task, I mark it off my list. I have all my weekly tasks, events, meals and responsibilities in one place for easy reference. It is a super helpful tool in keeping us organized.

I also have a 4-week calendar dry-erase board up for quick reference. See Tip #3.

However, if you are like me, the problem is not figuring out how to get organized; it’s following through with staying organized! Often times I try to change up my methods, style, focus and the like. However, at some point, I must make a change and do what it is I am planning to do!

There is no cute tip for that! I just have to discipline myself to DO IT! I have to actually do what I have spent so much time planning to do!

So, for those of you who want to get motivated to plan. In the words of my husband, who quotes the 7P’s… Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance! If you do not have a plan of sorts, you are a sinking ship!
For those of us who have a good plan but have a hard time following through: Stop being Lazy. ACT!

Hope you had a wonderful week. I am trying to get back on track with my entries. So, be patient and enjoy them when I get them posted. Thanks for all your support and interest in this little blog. I hope it is helpful and encouraging to you!

* Kat has some downloads you can print off in her eBook, but they are .pdf files. If you would like a copy my.xl file I created, email me. You can use it as is or customize it to fit your own needs.


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