Tip #21: Hotel Stays In Winter

We are on vacation this week! We enjoy staying in hotel rooms, but we have to be creative and resourceful when we are sharing a room with two toddlers. Here are some quick tips and photos for living out of a hotel room for 4 days.

1. The Cave:
What you will need: One pack-n-play, one bed-spread from the hotel bed and access to the coat hanger area. Basically, we use the bed-spread and clips from the coat hangers to create a cave for our 19 month old. She is used being placed in her bed and going right to sleep. This eliminates distractions for her, like the TV or movement in the room while she is trying to take a nap or go to sleep for the night.

2. Indoor Pool:
If you vacation in the winter much you may already know the secret to a good hotel – an INDOOR POOL. However, if you are vacationing in the winter and you have toddlers, an indoor pool is the key to a good hotel experience. They love it! The more time you can spend in the pool, the better they will sleep! And it is so much fun.

3. Toys:
There is no need to go overboard on the toys! The pool should relieve much of the free time you have while you are in the hotel. Here are some ideas to help you “pack light” on the toys. Bring toys that will be fun to play with in the tub, pool or hotel room. For instance, a blow up beach ball, plastic tea set or action figures. It’s amazing how ten minutes of playtime can give you enough time to take a shower, get dressed, pack the baby bag or re-organize the room.

4. Indoor Playgrounds:
Eating out is a huge part of any vacation. Now that half of our family is under 3 years old, it is only fair for us to eat out at places that offer a little extra for the kiddies. So, we go to restaurants that have indoor playgrounds and kid friendly extras. Go online or use your GPS to find restaurants with a kid friendly atmosphere.
(This is a picture from the Kid’s Museum we visited!)

5. Get up early:
Vacation is supposed to be relaxing and refreshing. In the past we have not allowed ourselves time to get alone with the Lord. We get away, but we do not get refreshed. On this trip, my husband and I are taking turns as to who sleeps in and who wakes up early. One morning, my husband woke up at 7am, walked down to the lobby for the continental breakfast and spent time with the Lord. I woke up around 8am and was able to drink coffee, sit in the bed and study while the girls kept snoozing. Around 9, my husband came back with an array of breakfast delights from the lobby. The next morning, we switched.

I would like to hear from you! What are some ways you are creative and resourceful to alleviate stress of family vacations with toddlers?


2 thoughts on “Tip #21: Hotel Stays In Winter

  1. something my parents did when i was a toddler (the age difference with my brother and i is much greater then with your kids) was use the ‘pool play time’ to allow the other parent some alone time, one would come down with us (my brother and i) and spend a half hour or so and then they would switch… it allowed the kids to get good and worn out while the parents got to get some grown up things done, like shower, pack and remember its not acceptable to leave the kids at the rest stop no matter how annoying ‘are we there yet’.
    it also gave my brother and i some time with the parents devoted just to playing and goofing off, some of my favorite memories come from road trips and hotel stays.

  2. Well, this wouldn’t work for the hotel room (because there aren’t closets) but when Maggie and Jack slept in the car seat, anytime we were away we simply put them in their seat and set them in the closet of whoever’s guest room we were staying in. They slept so well and in turn we did too.

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