Tip #22 – The Valentine Box

Outdo one another in showing honor… God is love… Love one another… I love you! These are phrases we use a lot in our home. So, naturally I wanted to create someway to incorporate Valentine’s Day with the way we serve and prefer one another in our home. I want to teach my girls how to give the gift of words and encouragement. Especially on a day when it’s popular to say, “I love you”.

So, I created the Valentine’s Box. I covered a box with white butcher paper. My girls and I decorated it. Then I cut a hole in the top where we can drop the notes to one another during the whole week of Valentine’s Day. Voila! At the end of the week we will shake the papers out and read them out loud. It’s easy!

Alani putting a heart in the Valentine's Box!

*Since my girls can not write… I just ask them what they would like me to write for them. My 2 and a half year old does not have a problem communicating what she wants written, although most of the time it does not make sense.


One thought on “Tip #22 – The Valentine Box

  1. Such a cute idea! I love the colors…but mostly I love the idea of that you want to teach your girls to give the gift of words and encouragement. It appears you are doing a great job through example and explanation.

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