Nesting Glory

At 31 weeks, I’m nesting now! Waddling around my house organizing, rearranging, decorating and getting ready for baby boy! It amazes me how “nesting” is more like setting up dominoes to fall. Each domino is strategically placed so when the first one is tapped ever so slightly, it bonks the next piece perfect causing it to lean and fall on the next causing that one to turn over with no hesitation. Each domino that tumbles increases the speed, dominating the next and forcing it to slam into the one ahead, the end of the line coming faster and faster.

Stepping over small children, toys, space heaters, bins, bags and hair bows, I finally make my way back to the list of nesting chores on the kitchen counter. I pick up pen, ink marks through words and the next piece slams into the next. I sigh.

Looking back through the hallway, I am overwhelmed. Hours have passed and still bins fill the hall, toys strewn about, and the baby rounds the corner in tears. I sigh. I think of Jesus playing with the little ones. I think of Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet in awe and wonder while sister works away in the house. I pause. I preach to myself, “Engage! Engage!” Picking up the crying one, I give thanks and I can feel the aggravation lift.

I sit on the couch. With her head buried into my shoulder, I let her cry. Big sister takes to the piano, “What do you want to hear, mama?”
“Jingle Bells”, I suggest, trying to engage. As the keys are banged and her tiny voice sings out, crying one smears my shoulder with snot and tears. Yuck!
I sigh.
From the smallest whisper in my heart I hear, “Enjoy this, don’t rush… this too is glorious and it is slipping away with speed like a line of dominoes falling. The end to THIS is also coming.”

Again, I sigh, tightening my arms around the crying one as her head rests on my shoulder. The ballad stops and big sister waits for our response. Then, as if she had never been crying, the once crying one leans back and shares a song of her own, while bouncing and clapping. We all laugh and big sister takes another request.

In that tiny space between one moment falling and striking the next, I became aware. I saw it. God’s glory again. It was right here in the middle of the nesting, toy dodging, bin filling, snot wiping and deep sighing, I saw it! Here, packed into a tiny moment, God’s glory in my HERE and NOW! I am starting to see!


5 thoughts on “Nesting Glory

  1. I was just reading that Mary/Martha story. I’ve always been more a Martha than a Mary- but the fruit of being Mary in that story is intimacy with Christ. Why do I want to be Martha, again? Love you, miss you sweet friend.

  2. The older you get the faster the Dominoes fall! Game over! Gather up the pieces and start a new game. I guess that’s what Mamaw-hood is all about…I’m learning!

  3. You’re so wise to press in on those God moments. Remembering my own children in their snotty tear stained happening and my sometimes too-task-oriented self, I had that same struggle. Keep pressing in, you won’t regret it. Love you Amy

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