1000 Gifts: Let The Counting Begin

I am finishing a book called 1000 Gifts: A Dare To Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp. (Check out amazon.com and buy it if you have not heard of her or her book. You will not be disappointed!) it is changing the way I view God in my here and now! I am finding joy in the mundane and peace in gratitude.

One of the ideas in Ann’s book is to keep a numbered list of ways we see God’s glory displayed in our daily lives AS they happen. This is not the same as a writing a list of things we are thankful for in one sitting. Rather, keeping a list of ways we recognize God’s glory on display daily. A lover of the “beautiful ugly” and a “hunter of God’s beauty.

In the past few posts I have written about seeing God’s glory on display at various moments of my day. Through these small, quick flashes of time that I recognize God’s presence in my daily life, here and now. These types of moments are hard to capture. It is not natural for me to notice God-glory in all things. But the blurry eyes of my heart are becoming clear and I am beginning to see.

On Mondays I will try to share some of my list with you. I may not share all. I may skip numbers and keep things between God and me at times, but I am looking forward to sharing The Hunt, as Ann calls it, with you!

#1. Small feet finally touching the pedals
#2. Holding small crying one
#3. Simply throwing rocks and branches into a creek
#4. Wet hands touching puddles
#5. Splashing in puddles
#9. Crushed dandelion by baby hands


One thought on “1000 Gifts: Let The Counting Begin

  1. I’m up around #800 with my list. The “hunt” is changing me from the inside out and definitely feel like Ann in the chapter where she chases the moon. #801- Heavy African rains on a tin roof

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