I Remember Today…

I can remember sitting in the stairwell at SWO, drinking Cheerwine from a can. The bottom few stairs were covered with layers of white fabric. I was leaning on one elbow propped up on the step above trying to get as comfortable as I could. Through the glass door, I could see friends and family entering and exiting the SWO office tending to last minute details. No one noticed me. I was not hiding away, just waiting, patiently. I was relaxed and content, eager and excited.

I remember giggling as I peeked through the windows in the office looking for him down below. He was standing up with his father, my sister and our dear friend in ministry facing all our family and friends. Everyone else was seated in blue folding chairs nicely arranged in the grassy spot at the bottom of the staircase. The sun was shining. The sky was blue. No one seemed to mind being outside that cool mid-March afternoon.

Then, he came for me.

I could hear the knocking of his shoes as he climbed the dry staircase. I could tell he was running, skipping steps and making haste. My heart pounded. Nearing the top step, I could see his head bob up and down until his smiling face appeared through the glass window of the double doors. With no hesitation, he swung them open.

He had come for me. His bride.

I will forever remember that moment. No one gave me away. No one walked me down the aisle. He came for me. Hand in hand we walked through the same double doors we had both walked through a thousand times before. Only this time, it was different.

This time we were starting a journey, together.

It was five years ago today. Thank you to everyone who was there in the beginning and who has invested in our marriage since.

And I will betroth you to me forever. I will betroth you to me in righteousness and in justice, in steadfast love and in mercy.- Hosea 2:19


6 thoughts on “I Remember Today…

  1. I remember it was so windy and the veil was whipping around your face so much that you grabbed it and flung it off your head in one of the most happy, carefree motions I have ever seen. I will never forget that moment. It was a beautiful picture of you and your spirit. Thanks for being my friend. You have taught me more than you’ll probably ever realize.

  2. Beautifully written! I remember that day so well. You were such a beautiful bride, smiling the WHOLE day! What a beautiful picture of Christ’s love for us! I was SO honored to get to be a small part in that day. Thanks for sharing your heart 😀 Happy Anniversary you two!

  3. I’ll never forget the happiness of that wedding!!! It was such a beautiful day! I’m thankful for you and Spencer and that God has allowed me to learn from you! Happy Anniversary! I love you!

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