Things I Crave!

Craving Fudge Rounds and Orange Juice!

For all you mama’s out there, what is the weirdest craving you have experienced in your pregnancy?


2 thoughts on “Things I Crave!

  1. Amy..We’re going three too (due in October). Currently craving fastfood any type all the time. Just not mayonaise on my fries yet. Love you friend.

  2. I am so ashamed…but a few weeks ago I craved….CORNDOGS! So gross!! I don’t eat pork at all and get pretty grossed out by hotdogs even if they are turkey, beef, etc…but sure enough, at around 36 weeks pregnant, I see a commercial with a picture of corndogs and cant get them off my mind. Sooo…we got some, they were chicken not pork, but it satisfied the craving. So awful 🙂

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