Tip #23: Food Coloring

“Alani, what would you like for breakfast this morning?”
“Green eggs and ham, mama!”

And that was all it took to remind me of my food coloring kit left over from my cake-decorating phase! I was excited to try my hand at green eggs! She loved them.

From there I have incorporated food coloring into other special breakfasts and treats. For instance on St. Patrick’s day I made cinnamon rolls with green cream cheese icing! I hope you feel inspired to shake things up a bit for your kiddo’s. It only takes an extra second. Plus, adding food coloring to bland colored food and drinks makes a lot of smiles!

*Note: It is still up in the air, at our house anyways, weather Dr. Suss is talking about BOTH the eggs AND the ham being green. So, if you would like to chime in on the discussion, leave a comment.


3 thoughts on “Tip #23: Food Coloring

  1. I’m going to go with both. In all the pictures on and in the book, both the eggs and the ham are green. I’m not sure how you’d make green ham though.

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