1000 Gifts: #54-#71

It has been a long and crazy week here at the Davis House! Doctor appointments, groups at camp, family visits, nesting, cleaning, more appointments, Bible study, prayer chapel planning… In all this whirl wind of change and constant chaos, I am really noticing the moments and learning to be sincerely thankful! But as Ann says, it is a process… something that must be learned.

54. Full bloom of spring
55. Rescued! (from the sand pit)
56. Orange peelings
57. Butterfly escaping my windshield
58. Watching babies play in the yard
59. Sweet nurses
61. Mama bird at her nest
62. Two blue eggs
63. Watching mama bird carry supplies to build her nest
64. Friends at the coffee shop
65. Jumping from the platform into the foam pit
66. Holding hands “we are best friends,”- Alani “Ymmm”-Knox
67. Sweet Tea!
68. Strong Warm Winds before the rain
69. Pounding rain
70. Breeze through the screen door
71. Late text from mama


One thought on “1000 Gifts: #54-#71

  1. I love this list! 🙂 Oranges made my list this week, too, but I didn’t even think about how much I love the peelings! Something to add to my list this week, I suppose. 🙂 Oh, and I’m very grateful for sweet tea, too! I’m drinking a glass right now.
    I hope the rest of your week is blessed with many gifts!

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