Snowbird: Just A Little Shout Out!

I remember looking into my rear view mirror as I drove away thinking “great summer, probably won’t be back…” I had dreams of playing music and traveling the world. At that moment I could not see how much God had changed me and how different my life would be after that summer: the summer of 2001.

Summer Staff 2001 at Monte Alban on Saturday

The Gallon Challenge of 2001! That's me bending over with the long blonde hair!

Without knowing it, I had awakened to the deepest relationship with Christ I had ever known. I experienced community and unity within the body unlike any other season of my life. Trying to jump back into normal college life after that was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. It just did not work. Things were different. I was different. I craved the intimate community God had given me over the past 3 months. Not because it was a cool experience, but because we, together, EXPERIENCED GOD!

Through a strange turn of events God brought me back to Snowbird in May of 2003. My heart leaped and my spirit soared! I was shocked God was moving me back to Snowbird so quickly. I was able to share in music with students as well as oversee the booking responsibilities in those early days.

Summer staff 2003

I have served at Snowbird for over a decade, now. My role has changed a lot over the years. Now that I am married and have small children, I am unable to be as “hands on” involved in the ministry as I once was. However, it is not the recreation that keeps my husband and I here. It is not the food, the lodging or crazy schedule. It’s Jesus. He is at work! He is changing the lives of students, leaders and our staff. He is healing, growing and launching people out of this ministry to share the gospel around the world. Jesus is changing lives and we get to see that a bunch at Snowbird…

I am humbled to be a part of it!

Playing the guitar in 2004

This summer we will have been here for 11 years! Crazy!


2 thoughts on “Snowbird: Just A Little Shout Out!

  1. I’m so blessed that I’ve known you for 8 of these past 11 years and I’m so incredibly blessed to have been “launched” from SWO. Miss you, love you and the SWO family

  2. Amy – so thankful for the seasons of life i have gotten to walk through with you…and the one we are walking through now.

    2003 picture made me laugh. I didn’t even work here yet. All those years ago Ashley was a girl i barely knew from college (who would soon become a dear friend and the person to tell me about SWO) and she is standing next to this guy i wouldn’t meet for another few years who is now my husband. And here we are 8 summers, a wedding, and 2 kids later…

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