1000 Gifts: #72-#119

72. Two red balloons
73. Old friend visits
74. Search for eggs
75. Laughter in dress up
77. Patience of Spencer
78. “Pink” tales and headbands
79. Kind, patient nurses
80. 6 extra vacation days
81. Design work finished
82. Good conversations that encourage
83. Friends that pursue me
84. Only 1 and ½ weeks until induce date
86. Random photo in an email of us in 2007!

87. TUMS!!!
88. Baby cows playing
89. Rabbit hopping in the yard
91. Nose bleed – Lizard slapped
92. KK and Poo Poo
93. Indoor Swimming pool
94. Girls sleeping with mouth open
95. Pool clothes
96. flip flops when feet are swollen
101. Nick and Nates Pizza (ate the whole thing)
103. Pedicure on swollen feet
104. Comfortable room in hospital
105. Mama bird feeds her babies
106. Thoughtful gift from April
107. Thoughtful gift from Beff – wipes, wipes, wipes

108. Full head of black hair
109. Jed’s chicken legs
111. 800mg of Motrin!
112. Lunch outside on the picnic table
113. Record of 10 people overnight at my house
114. Friends cooking supper for us!
115. Gran and Pops taking girls for a few days for us to adjust
116. Sponge bath for Jed – loved it!

117. Wrist wrinkles
118. Pinky toes
119. Baby Yawn!!


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