1000 Gifts: #120-#140

Alani's Birthday present from Mamow

Baby girl with bangs!

Prayer Chapel - Paid In Full Station 2011

120. Dragon Fly swooping down into the car and out again
121. Leaping lizard
122. Squirrel doing summer saults in the yard
123. Bangs
124. Jedi gassy smiles
125. Being able to look down and see my toes again
126. Friends who inspire me
127. network of brainstorming
128. The Prayer Chapel at SWO
129. Duncan Donut Coffee from Wesley
130. Killer Baby sitters
131. Mini-mini date at the coffee shop when I returned his earphones
132. Youtube searches
131. laughing hard
132. Song – You Make Beautiful Things by Gungor
133. Giving into chaos!
134. New ottoman
135. newborn puppies
136. AC!!
137. Skype with cousins
138. Creative writing time
139. long naps
140. SWO T’s perfect!
141. Princess castle
142. Princess feet


One thought on “1000 Gifts: #120-#140

  1. Hey sweet friend. Love the pics. Love the list. Miss you bunches, but hey I’m back in the country so that is one step closer, right?

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