Tip #22: The Birthday Bash

Alani eating her turkey, cheese and tomatoes

We have a super big community here at Snowbird. I believe the last count on staff children was like 28 to 25 people on staff. That’s a lot of babies, and there are more on the way! So when we celebrate birthdays, everyone is invited. But, there are a few hang up’s when planning birthday parties for toddlers.

What is the best time for a party? Do we feed a meal plus cake and ice cream? How do we say who is invited if we can’t afford to feed everyone? What about naps, will people be willing to skip a nap to come to our party? Finding the perfect time to celebrate the life of a little one can get pretty complicated.
A few months ago, my dear friend Bethany had a birthday bash for her sons. On the invite she wrote, bring your own sack lunch! She provided the cake and ice cream and everyone else brought their own lunch! It was brilliant!
For our schedule, the best time for parties is in the late mornings through lunch so our hubbies can take part and we make it back for nap. Our schedule allows only so many windows when our men folk can come out to play, so parties during lunch are perfect!


I ordered too many cup cakes!

Now, no one wanted more than one!

Last week we celebrated Alani’s 3rd birthday party. I had always said I would not throw a big birthday bash for my kids every year. But, I am rethinking this now. My kids birthdays are in the summer and all you need is a water hose, a few cheap blow up toys, cake/ice cream and a crowd! We had such a good time at Alani’s party I want to do it every week!


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