1000 Gifts: #141- #160

141. Hunger to mother well
142. Recognizing the freedom to NOT HAVE to be anywhere but with my kids
143. Portable dishwasher, better than “none” dishwasher
144. Old friends visit
145. Hard rains
146. Quiet moments during nap time
147. Brightly colored bathing suits
148. Playing in the yard with the waterhose
149. Folks who help put my children in the car at camp!
150. Nursery workers
151. Compassion, tenderness and gentleness of Vicki
152. Whispering late at night
153. The Cosby Show on Netflix early in the am when I feed Jed
154. Baby grunts, snorts, wimpers
155. Embracing and enjoying the Chaos that is SNOWBIRD SUMMER CAMP
156. Realizing the longevity of our involvement with SWO – 11 years!
158. Songwriters who pursue Christ! It reflects in their songs
159. Uniqueness of insects, animals and nature
160. Coffee made for me in the mornings


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