1000 Gifts: #161-180

161. “We don’t need to feel beautiful about ourselves to find happiness! In fact, we’re better off not even thinking about ourselves. Rather, God has offered us in Jesus Christ forgiveness, hope, freedom from sin and a joy that never ends.” – Carolyn Mahaney
162. Tip toeing through the grass
163. Harry ears
164. Snuggling with mama
165. “Mama, hold me”
166. Fresh onions from our neighbor’s garden
167. Dancing with daddy
168. Learning about THE GOSPEL
169. New frying pan
170. Paint on my foot
171. Bins of baby boy clothing given to us
172. Discovering cold water on a hot day
173. Electric color
174. Giggling
175. Fresh eggs from the neighbor
176. Cupcakes
177. Kiddie Pools
178. My camera
179. Summer House Church
180. Her growing a sense of humor


3 thoughts on “1000 Gifts: #161-180

  1. number 161 sings to my soul! what a beautiful quote.
    cupcakes, kiddie pools and paint on your foot make me smile.
    thanks for sharing a sweet list!

  2. Hi Amy, followed your link from Ann’s …thanks for sharing that quote from Carolyn Mahaney: “we’re better off not even thinking about ourselves” (so true!)

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