Uninterrupted Time To Share

Lately, I am remembering the earlier days in my walk with Christ. Back when I was free to sit and talk for hours about Jesus. There is no way to recount the hours lost in those conversations. Coffee shops. Dorm rooms. Apartments. Road trips. I did not realize how much uninterrupted time I had to learn about Jesus. I was also blessed to help others establish a passion for God and His word. Sharing the Gospel was something I aimed to do through my music and in building community with others. Sometimes, I miss that season and those moments as deeply as one might miss an old friend.

Today, it is not easy to share Jesus with strangers throughout my day. Standing in line at the grocery store, my 2 year old tinkers with the phone cord on the check out post while I am fishing around in my pocket book for coupons, money and discount cards. Throwing items out of the buggy, my little one blows kisses to everyone as she sings what she can pronounce of “Jingle Bells”. I would say it is not your typical ‘alter call’ moment. Sincere spiritual conversations are most times impossible with children screaming, jumping, bouncing, throwing and begging. Hopefully, people standing around are seeing Jesus in me as I respond to my girls in the midst of the grocery store chaos.

Every day I am sharing Christ, just not in the same ways. My baby girls are watching me, learning from me, mimicking me and acting like me. Right now I have the opportunity to share Jesus with them as my husband and I invest in the most influential years of their lives. I am blessed to have uninterrupted time to share with my girls.


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