1000 Gifts #193-222

Electricity went out during a storm that night. We did worship by lanterns and headlamps!

193. Thick blonde hair
194. Waking up to folded laundry and clean kitchen after a nap
195. Wise friends
196. New glasses
197. Bouncing!
198. Learning to abound in thanksgiving
199. Joy in serving (automatically, how did that happen?)
200. Eagerness for them to hear God’s word
201. A full house (in the metal building)
202. Worship by flashlight
203. Voices united in worship in the dark… beautiful
204. Sovereignty of God
205. Freedom from sin!
206. His unconditional love
207. Proverbs 7
208. Wild herb garden
209. Fresh stacks of folded laundry
210. Chad’s cuisine
211. Long nights of awareness
212. Small one’s excitement about thunder and rain
213. Packed Fridge
214. Rain Jacket
217. Free health insurance for the girls
219. Cozy, comfy bed – Our first project together!
220. Strawberries and whip cream from Isabella (she made it and brought it to me)
221. She sits on the edge of my bed…
222. Two big cows butting heads, playing


2 thoughts on “1000 Gifts #193-222

  1. Visiting you from Ann’s link up…
    Loved the thought of worship with headlamps!! Really sweet.
    Also loved that you woke up from a nap to a clean kitchen— that deserves to be put in the Top Ten best gifts ever (nap AND clean kitchen taking two spots!)
    Blessings on you,

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