Tip #24: Dr. Appointments

There are times when my kids get sick and I can not be picky about what time I can take them to the doctor. Our pediatrician is at least 45 minutes away and depending on traffic it could take over an hour to make it to the appointment. So, when the babies need to go to the doctor, I have to be ready.

So, here’s the tip. Sometimes I have to take all 3 kids with me, even though only one may be sick. And sometimes one may be sick, but they pep up in the doctor’s office. So, take things with you that will entertain your toddlers. Sure, most offices provide books, but my kids can not read. It only lasts a few minutes. So, get creative. Bring toys, crayons, books with you. Play Simon Says or I spy. Sing songs, make up rhymes, whatever it takes to keep them occupied. Make it fun.

And when you have played games, sang songs and colored pictures… when all else fails, let them pull out all the tissues and act like monkeys.

What can I say? We were in that room for 2 hours!!


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