Standing Above The Altar…

The Truth of God’s word has been presented. I can feel the presence of God in the silence of prayer and reflection. The battle begins. Obey or rebel? Repent or continue? I pick up my guitar, slowly pull the leather strap over my head and rest it on my shoulder. There is stillness, but urgency is about to burst forth.

photo by McSween Photography

I strum a chord. In unison they look up, as if awakened out of a sleep. I breathe in deep. This is a moment of indication, a time to look inward. As song pours out my mouth, girls begin to make their way to the altar, some fast, some slow and some crying. A few girls race to the front of the room, sliding on their knees in reckless abandonment.

I wonder if other mothers have ever seen this.

photo by McSween Photography

This scene has rocked me the past two days. So many things run through my mind. What sin could these little ones commit to compel such brokenness before the Lord? What could possibly burden them so deeply that they would throw themselves on an alter to be burnt up for the Kingdom? But I am reminded. We have all been born into sin. No one escapes it. As a mother, I stand on stage looking out over these young women with a new perspective. I cannot know the deep sins admitted or lost hope confessed. But I am moved in my spirit for my little sisters, so I join them in prayer.

photo by McSween Photography

When the words are sung, Little whispers to me, “keep playing and let them know they can stay and pray, but the service is over if anyone wants to leave”. Most girls quietly make their way to the doors. When the room clears, there are a few small groups of girls praying together. One girl stands with her arms raised and one girl prays at the altar. I continue to strum and think about what is happening. Then I become overwhelmed…

I picture Knox or Alani on this alter. One day, will they be broken over sin? Will they go through a season of rebellion towards God? Will they be heartbroken over boys? Will a stranger or friend hurt them? Will God, one day, use the truth we are teaching them NOW to draw them into his arms?

photo by McSween Photography

I cannot foresee their future anymore than I can my own. But, I pray. As my husband and I are teaching them to respect and fear God, to know His word and to love Jesus, we can only trust that God will be faithful. I am eager to watch them grow in Jesus. I am excited to think about my girls knowing Jesus and experiencing the one true and living God. The one who pursues and “woos”. The One who lavishes the richness of his grace on us, sings songs over us and gives blessings. I am excited for them to know God and be known by God.


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