1000 Gifts: #223-244

223. Alani biting Spencer – super funny
224. Saturday Lord of The Rings marathons
225. Rain on grass
226. Bird taking a bath in a puddle in the road
227. Large tree laid across the road
228. “God is shaking the trees, mama”
228. Clean bill of health for all 3 babies
231. Brainstorming sessions with Shelly
232. The Foam Pit
233. Flowers left in the driver’s seat
234. Flowers presented to me after their adventure
235. Finding worms – harder than you think
236. Making up songs to remember the 7 days of creation
237. Alani learning to help and do chores
238. Alani playing games at the Rodeo Games!
239. Her hand over her heart during the Grand Entry
240. Girls giving me kisses while sitting on the blanket
241. Blue balloon at the Rodeo
242. Proudly leading her around on the horse
243. New clothes hampers
244. Dry Wood for the winter!


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