Prayer for Parents (2011)

These posts are written about my experience in putting together the Prayer Chapel at Snowbird. I hope you are inspired to worship and pray in more creative ways.

Today I am writing about the “Prayer for Parents” station:

In praying about the station layout for this summer (2011), God kept bringing to mind the picture of a girl praying for her parents. I was also taking a parenting class and thinking a lot about Colossians 3:20 at that time. It reads Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord. Combining these two ideas was a bit challenging, but I thought it was important to help students humbly recognize their responsibility to obey their parents while helping them see the joy and freedom they have to pray FOR their parents.

This station is not designed to help students cope with their family issues. It is designed to shine light on ways students can pray for their relationship with their parents. Learning to pray for our parents is one of the best ways to show them love. It is hard to be angry, hold on to hurt and grow in bitterness when you are praying for someone to grow in God.

Note: We tried to be sensitive in how we approached this station. There are students who come to Snowbird who have issues in their home life beyond normal growing pains. I think this station highlights ideas on how students can pray for their parents even in devastating circumstances.

You can download directions to recreate this station below.
PrayerForParents Page 1
PrayerForParents Page 2


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