Biblical Manhood/Womanhood Station (2009-10)

These posts are written about my experience in putting together the Prayer Chapel at Snowbird. I hope you are inspired to worship and pray in more creative ways.

This station was designed to accompany Brody and Little’s Guy/Girl session on Wednesday nights during SWO9. The prayer points on the paddles were linked to points that were made during these sessions. I have outlined the station below and included a picture. Feel free to use this any way you wish!

Godly Manhood and Womanhood station in 2009

Directions: Take a paddle, find a place to pray, Spend time praying through and meditating on becoming a godly man or woman.

Godly Womanhood: (paddle reads)
Dear God,
Please help me to become continually aware of the vital importance of visually protecting my brothers in Christ by modesty in the way I dress

Help me to speak purposeful words that preserve others instead of using corrupt talk that discourages and tear down

Teach me to bathe my mind in truth instead of media, Hollywood and impure talk

I want to be seeking Christ so hard that when Satan tries to lie to me, I would recognize it and fight.

God I will become a woman after your heart who serves others with a gentle and quiet spirit. Please teach me to submit to you and your Spirit conforming me to the image of your son.


Godly Manhood: (paddle reads)

Pray and ask God to help you:
o Flee sin and temptation
o Pursue righteousness
o Pursue faith and love
o Pursue endurance
o Pursue gentleness
o Pursue godliness


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