1000 Gifts: #261-280

262. Friends who beg us to go on dates so they can play with our kids☺

263. Jed smiled at me the first time this week- AWESOME!
264. New watch $9.88 at Wal-mart
265. Dragonfly attacks that guys neck… pretty cool.
266. Free downloads of Piper books at Desiringgod.org! Who knew?
267. My computer even though it’s 5 years old. It’s my sidekick and window to the world, seriously!
268. NPR
269. Alani’s story about taking the “boat to the lake”…very creative. It was not funny to her, she was very serious about her plans about going on the lake.
270. Waking Knox after a 3 ½ nap, it was like talking to a groggy 10yr old.
271. Watching them react and interact with educational videos.
272. Date nights! Thanks
273. Huggies Wipe Dispenser!
274. New Truck
275. Driving long
276. Headbands
277. Sleeping in (til 11am)
278. Knox’s speech
279. Alani’s “What’s that called again?” with head tilt
280. Dead tomato plants. I have kept three children fed, clothed and alive since we planted the tomatoes, something had to give☺


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