Tip #25: Homemade Toddler Kitchen

I found this photo online and thought is was the best idea! However, I have visited a few thrift stores around here and have yet to find something that would work, so I transformed an existing shelf in the girl’s room into a small kitchen area.

Using a plate from the tea set as a guide, I painted black circles for the stove eyes. Then, I took screws and attached the toy microwave to the shelf above. My girls love it! I know it is not the full set we dream about, but it is a great fast way to make a toddler kitchen on the fly. I may attempt to put in a sink and add a door to their bookshelf to make a refrigerator. I will post pics if I find time to add on.


4 thoughts on “Tip #25: Homemade Toddler Kitchen

  1. I know that most of us don’t have a lot of time and are overwhelmingly busy…but I really love Ana White’s website, and she has an awesome set up for a little girls kitchen. It makes me excited to have a little girl and build this for her one day…
    There’s tons of different designs. But again I’m more than impressed with your creative skills Amy…you always make things work.

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