Tip #26: Mom’s Daily Tasks

For the most part, I do look for opportunities in our daily routine to show The Gospel to my children. But, sometimes I am blinded by finishing daily chores, cleaning up messes, changing diapers and driving to appointments and I forget to see Jesus myself. It negatively effects the overall mood and tone of our home until I am reminded of what is missing. I have a great responsibility to my children to teach them The Gospel by living it in front of them.

I hope you are challenged by this message an excerpt by John Piper.


One thought on “Tip #26: Mom’s Daily Tasks

  1. I just purchased some CD’s of John Piper, but I haven’t listened to them yet. And you’re right, my mood is so often reflected in our home. Recently, I asked my 12 year old if she had had her quiet time yet. And her response was, “I’m going to have it when you have yours.” It reminded me that I have to make it priority first thing in the morning b/c there are young eyes watching (and kids who need to see a mother on her knees)

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