1000 Gifts: #337-370

337. A clean living room
338. A clean kitchen
339. Friends back from England
340. Yellow flowers in a blue mug from Spencer and the girls
341. Pizza Hut Meltdowns☺
342. Hassle free homemade kitchen idea
343. Laundry put away
346. Anali’s nasal voice
347. Playing kitchen and painting in the creek
348. Holding all 3 kids on the couch
349. Sarah’s email and Rachel Jankovic quote
350. Sending out friends for The Gospel
351. Deep Creek Tubing
352. Butterfly on Alani’s knee as we drifted down the creek
353. Eating Ice Cream while sitting on rocks in the creek
354. $3 Tubes!
355. A friend for Jed… McSween boy!
356. Jessica having a girl!
357. Chasing Alani in the back yard during a hard rain
358. “Super Hero, Princess” – Alani
359. Watching her “rescue” family members from the Lion! She fought the air and swung around a stick. Then bent over and pretended to raise someone up and walk them back to the porch!
360. HUGE GREEN blanket
361. Paper airplanes
362. Week 9, come and gone
363. My little Band
364. M. Doing my laundry!
365. Locking themselves in the bathroom…
366. Listening to the Peacemakers Conference on CD’s as I travel
368. Tiny camo pants
369. Clean bottles at 5:47am
370. 3rd Place in the Biggest Loser – didn’t win a prize, but super motivational


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