My 100th Post!

This year we have been praying about how to tell our girls that Jesus dies to rescue us from sin. They were focused enough tonight to share the story of Jesus death, burial and resurrection, and it was wonderful.

Snuggled together on the couch with their children’s Bible and my husband’s Bible from his childhood, He began showing pictures and paraphrasing the redemptive story of God rescuing his people through Jesus, his only son.

As I listened to the interaction and story telling between my husband and my two little girls, I became overwhelmed by the weight of responsibility to tell the story “right”. For my whole Christian life I have told this story to people who are old enough to tie their own shoes and at least feed themselves without supervision. But, somewhere in the middle of watching my girls faces twist and frown with concern and listening to the older one ask “why” after each phase of the story, the Lord whispered softly in my heart… “Amy, calm down. You are responsible to plant the seed… I will make it grow.”

So, tonight my husband and I cover THE SEED with fervent prayers and obedience in the Lord. We trust Him to do his work in the lives of our little children and pray he takes them to the ends of the earth for The Gospel.

P.S. This is my 100th post.
Thanks for all the FB messages, texts, comments, emails and random encouragement about MavisDavis. I do hope Jesus continues to encourage you through this collection of thoughts I am storing up for my little girls.


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