1000 Gifts: #371-406

372. Beautiful doe driving to the lake house
373. Jet ski with the girls
374. Knox’s excited hands under her chin pose
375. Jed’s first hair cut
376. Two dragon flies on my face
378. Ricky bringing recording stuff to the Lake house
379. Raspberry coke
380. Time alone shopping and relaxing
381. Homemade Spagetti sauce
382. Recese Pieces
383. Swimming in the lake
384. Lake Tubing
385. Home from vacation safely
386. Laughing hard at 4 shots of espresso!
387. The normal soundtrack of my day (babies crying, girls singing LOUDLY, laughing…)
388. Girls exercise with mama
389. Jed is ticklish
390. Spencer pranks on me
391. …more bags of clothes for me, jed and the girls
392. the way knox says “strawberry short cake”
394. Dr. Visit in Sylva
393. Alani learning to pray about different things
395. New cutting boards
396. Tons of new condiments! I counted 28 bottles of unopened bottles of sauces, oils, and more… a bit over board!
397. Organizing the pantry shelves and finding lots of food
398. Vacation discovery #2: The Deadliest Warrior
399. Knox saying “Hallelu-yet”
400. First moneys for our trip to Honduras
401. Alani chasing a black/blue butterfly
402. Blue Jay feather
403. Rainboots in the swimming pool
404. Free homeschool curriculum
405. Exploded Coke Zero – now we know☺
406. Hot coffee – I say coffee a lot, but I always see it as a gift!


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