1000 Gifts: #407-430

Alani writes her own name... mama tears...

Jed in a bumbo at 31/2 months.

407. Big orange ball
408. Alani writing her name for the first time
409. Sharing the Gospel message with my girls
410. “You dirty dog!” Alani says when she wakes up and sees that I have snuck up in bed with her during a nap.
411. Diner dates at home
413. Spencer folding all the laundry
414. M & M’s
415. “Duck, Duck!” Knox climbing up the fence to yell at the ducks at the Murphy playground
416. Good talks with friends at the SWO swing set
417. Discovering tad poles
418. Homeschool tips from Little
419. Singing with Shelly and Friends
420. Kilby is babysitting my kids! {I am so old}
421. Mini trips to Lowes for hardware
422. Discovering more clothes for the girls I had packed up and forgotten about
423. Movie Night in the nest
424. Jed eats cereal
425. Jed can sit in a bumbo
426. Knox saying “Hab, buble, babs” {have a bubble bath?}
427. Clementine’s
428. Kicking
429. Scallops and pork chops
430. Cereal for breakfast


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