1000 Gifts #431-462

431. Basketball shorts and cowboy boots☺
432. Paleo the way to go
433. Tennis shoes in the creek
434. Jed rolls over (on accident) still had a blank look on his face
435. More bags of clothes
436. Red princess dress
437. My homemade coffee log
438. Painting of the woman washing Jesus feet with her tears
439. Discovering the high pitch sound my computer makes every now and then is my email notifications.
440. The phrase “Is it time to get up?”
441. More money for Honduras trip
442. Found a camera lenses cover
443. New eBook on cleaning
444. Inspiration to write
445. The Big red ball
446. Baseball field, “dirt angels”
447. More friends return from the mission field
448. Youth Conservation Day
449. Knox has balance!
450. Alani shoots her first gun – BBgun!
451. Jed laughing at Alani
452. A Birthday Date gone wrong
453. Computer time on the couch
454. SWAG – from youth conservation day
455. Spencer’s computer works after pouring water into it
456. OxyClean
457. Great vase for 95% off! (only 85cents)
458. Return of the Purple Nalgene!
459. Knox’s red water keens!
460. Spencer invited to Paco’s
461. Long nap times
462. Red peppers

95% off! Who wouldn't buy it? (surprise makeover later on)

Return of the PURPLE nalgene!


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