DIY: Bathroom Makeover

Not bad for a rental bathroom

I am a sucker for DIY projects. Especially if I can add my own twist. We are privileged to live in the perfect rental home for our family. There is only one constant frustration, the bathroom. Honestly, since I can’t replace the entire plumbing, sink, toilet, floor and shower, I thought a light facelift might make it feel nicer… and it does!

I found a DIY shower curtain tutorial while blog hopping. For what it took to actually create this shower curtain, I could have just bought one from WestElm, but I really wanted a Chevron pattern. I have searched my history, tried to retrace my clicks to find my way back to that website, but I have had no luck. So, this is my version. The photos should explain the process. Enjoy!

Painter Drop Cloth - $10, Tape, Wide Painter Paper Roll, Spray Paint, Scissors and Patience!

I taped the paper onto the shower curtain in a chevron pattern, sprayed it then removed the paper.

Next I measured for my grommets, cut out the holes and pressed them into the fabric. EASY!

I mis-measured and had to buy more grommets, which made the cost go up. Make sure you keep count of how many you need.

I could not find BIG grommets so I used hooks to hang it.

I also found a fabulous vase at an outlet. This green vase was only .85 cents!!! I spray painted it, cut dried flowers from my yard and and viola! I gathered things around the house to put with a few new candles. It was a fairly inexpensive makeover… and I enjoyed it!

95% off! Who wouldn't buy it? (surprise makeover later on)

Vase - After

Leftover Rice and Beans fill this old glass vase.

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