1000 Gifts: #463-520

463. Little Pirates
464. Excited to follow the treasure map
465. Her face when finding treasure
466. “No accident” day for Knox
467. Late nights in the bathroom with Knox
468. Jed graduates from the swaddler
469. Rolling back and forth
470. Little sisters
471. DJ station mega saucer
472. Spencer knowing as many children’s songs as ELMO!
473. Singing silly in the car
474. Thunder, Rain – by Knox Lorene
475. Hotdogs by the fire
476. Marshmallow Faces
477. Alani writes Mama, Daddy and Knox!
478. New printer working
479. Study in Colossians
480. Sanctification
481. Girls inherit huge Littlest Petshop Collection
482. Hil taking Jed
483. Tent in the living room
484. Fast heart to hearts with my friends while playing with our kids at camp
485. Birthday surprises!
486. Breakfast outside on the porch
487. Sleeping in til 10am
488. 99 cent frostys at Wendy’s
489. Table, chairs, crayons, paper, video – a shopping moms dream at Old Navy!
490. Running wild in the aisles
495. Size 3 diapers again
496. Discovering lapbooks for homeschooling
497. Camping in the rain
498. Tent withstanding 3 straight nights of rain! Not a drop inside our tent!
499. Headlamps
500. The Perfect marshmellow
501. Reading books to children by the fire
502. Sharing French Pressed coffee in the mornings with friends
503. Wonderful meals from Amanda and Eric
504. Playing in the tent
505. Visiting old homesteads
506. The old Baptist church
507. 37 turkey
508. 19 Deer
510. Quiet times in the tent
511. First ever bike ride
512. The baby cart attachment!
513. Spencer’s first experience with walking the streets of Gatlinburg
514. Daddy’s Castle (Bass Pro Shop)
515. Alani’s Castle (Magi Castle)
516. Emma finds the little red shoe (figures)
517. Wet thick socks in my wet boots – reminds me of the Diva Highway – OLD SCHOOL 2007
518. Dry warm clothes
519. I spy
520. Friends who really pray
521. Ty pulls Knox in bike cart

Alani sleeping in...

Playing in the tent


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