Intro: 31 Thoughts On Singleness

In the next 31 days I hope to share a ton of thoughts on how to deal with being a Christian single. I talk to gals all the time about their struggle with being single and have been inspired to write out all my thoughts. In this series you may read about falling to sleep to the desire for marriage, identifying triggers that create unhealthy expectations, coping with being single past 25 years old and learning to see Christ as your husband, always. I am excited to share how God has worked in my life!

IF you are IN CHRIST, your personal relationship with God is unique. How He choses to work in my life, may not be the same way he works your life. 31 Posts! Yea, it is a tall order, but hopefully this will be great! I hope you do discover ways to cope and enjoy this time of singleness by growing closer to Jesus.

Let it begin…

* Some days, it may be difficult for me to fit a full thought in a short post so if you need more explanation or have questions please email me. I would love the opportunity to clarify or answer questions. It is worth noting that MY 31 Thoughts on Singleness are from a female perspective. It mat be easiest to keep up with MavisDavis through email, so subscribe to get this series in an email.


13 thoughts on “Intro: 31 Thoughts On Singleness

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