Tip #31: Coordinating Meals With Friends

We are truly blessed to have so many newborn babies in our little community. But it is always crazy trying to put meals together for the families. Many of us live far from our parents, so having friends help out with meals during the transition period is so helpful.
I have recently discovered this website and thought it would be fun to share here. It is a meal coordinating site called www.takethemameal.com!

I am sure there are others out there, but this is the one I was invited to today. Thanks for the tip Brittany!

In other news, November is crazy around here. I hope to have a few new posts in the works including my Cleaning Epiphany and our first family mission trip to Honduras. I will also be posting a download able mini book about how to do Advent with toddlers.

This has been an exciting month and I am blown away by the response to My 31 Thoughts on Singleness. Thanks for reading.


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